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The Bossier Arts Council has 3 main goals for DigiFest South:

  • Inspire students to seek advanced education in digital arts
  • Demonstrate the economic significance of digital skills
  • Emphasize the importance of S.T.E.A.M. Education models

Art is more than a school elective. Art is a powerful vocational tool. It is vital to a well-rounded education that translates to lucrative career opportunities.

By reaching students, educators, the public, and local officials, DigiFest South demonstrates how art combined with technology leads to the innovations that shape our modern way of life. Each targeted component of the festival displays art's direct contribution to strong economic development and its ability to prompt cultural transformations.

DigiCode Competition

Friday - Sunday

September 13 - 15

During DigiFest, the Bossier Arts Council sponsors:

  • DigiCode, where students team-up to create a videogame

By providing a platform to publicly display works created with advanced digital tools and programs, we encourage students to enhance their learning skills and pave the way for a future in digital arts, engineering and information technology.


Wednesday - Thursday

September 18 - 19

This is the highlight of DigiFest! During this 2-day event at the Bossier Civic Center, we invite regional organizations to participate as exhibitors, bringing the tools and technologies that it uses on a regular basis.

Exhibitors are able to showcase their offerings and latest projects in order to actively engage the minds of our local students. In addition to influencing our youth, these organizations get the opportunity to meet fellow industry innovators and teachers focused on implementing S.T.E.A.M. curriculum into their classrooms.

Outdoor Concert


September 20

The BAC concludes DigiFest South with an outdoor electronic music concert that is free and open to the public, taking place in the NEW East Bank Plaza, across from the Bossier Arts Council.

By offering the concert for free to people of all ages, we aim to celebrate the long-term potential of our digital future while enjoying digital entertainment in a lively social setting.

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